Everything about Pyramid Mystery Temple Reunion NFT HUJTA Swords

In the beginning of Pyramid Rule, the timeline is Equinox Voluptua when 7 moons intersect with the lLION star constellation before the genealogy of KINGS RULE on Tiamat aka EARTH and to the future giving of a special & powerful Spector Sword and Frail to future humanoids descendants such as of King Mahlon of Mitsrayim (Ancient Egypt). The top three Pyramids Leaders are adjoined with the other members of their 10,000K NFTs classmates as they are discussing the activities one of the members noticed their surfboard (suitcase) containing his Spector HUJTA Gold Sword is missing. The rest of the Leaders and the other classmates are in an uproar of concern erupts.

Far away galaxy long time ago, before those of “Mitsrayim” the start of something new and different can open up a new awareness and beginning to create a lasting effort to educate as well motivate future generations. Hope expanded beyond reach that left a wonderful impression for bringing forth prosperous encounter to many of those that sought a new better experience of existence. In constant positive thinking and doing of greater deeds for the advancement of entities abound, a new seedent arise to a higher content that later will be called Sumner the opening place of adventure and mystery begun at the Pyramid Mystery Temple Reunion.