The Forthcoming PMTR Game : Top 3 Reasons You Should Invest in PMTR NFT Collection Now

It is all about the HUJTA Swords, ya’ll ….

“The GAME of MOLIAE WORLD Pyramid Mystery Temple Reunion

“The RISE of the MOLIAE Warrior

  1. Pyramid Storylines with each game level formulates into a “Numerology and Astrology” calculation based on Pyra Rule will continues to evolve for generations and generations; Storytelling is GOLD
  2. The Game of PMTR will have sustainable as the ‘Mystery of whom took the HUJTA Swords” continues creating more teams for or against to find those swords and be Crown the next MOLIAE Warrior upon capture.
  3. Lion’s Gate Portal is an interesting level of intrigue and mastery that incorporates another realm as they were the initial warrior to search and return the swords to the PMTR council.

Bottomline, the game provides levels to advance to and gain credits tokens along the way that can be cashed in within MOLIAE World Merch.

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